This is honestly fucking hilarious.


Also in this day, but 1999, he made another video for the infamous Basement Tapes, where he filmed himself in his bedroom:

The tape is started … April 12th 17 minutes long

Eric is alone with the video camera resting either on his knee or something else & filming directly at his face

Behind him is a headboard & behind the headboard is a bulletin board

Eric talks about his mother & father & the cops who may want to have his “parents pay”

He describes his parents as the “best parents” & states that anything they would have tried to do this past year he would have gotten around it

Eric states “there is no one else to blame but me and Vodka”

Eric then states it’s been “hard” on him recently

He mentions that his parents have been on his “back for putting things off such as “insurance & the Marine Corp”

He says “this is my last week on earth”

He says “to you Culios out there still alive, sorry I hurt you or your friends”

He mentions that this is total “KMFDM”

Eric states “there are 7 and 1/3 days left”

Eric then gets an odd look on his face and says “Fucking bitches”
He mentions five names: “? full name” [female 4-25-81 Aurora]
”?” [Megan]
”?” [Karen] [Karen Ann Schott 10-13-80]
”?” [Tanya] [Tanya Worlock 9-29-82]
”?” [Unknown]

He says he’s going to be “one tired mother fucker come Monday then Boom! I’ll get shot & die”

Eric then goes on to film his planning book/notebook & describes it as the “writings of God”

He says that his beliefs have changed somewhat during the year, over the course of time he has been writing

He turns to the page of figurines drawn with ammo, bombs & guns

He states that it is the “drawing of gear, back when we thought we could get calico’s”
He points to a picture with a backpack labeled “napalm” He says this is the “suicide plan”

He turns to the page of the inventories of the bombs
He points to the top of the page & states that these are how many bullets they’re going to have

He points to some drawings in the back stating they are “DOOM drawings”

He points to page of different types of weapons & states that these are “plans for rocket launchers & such. Most will not see the new world”

He points to page of more”DOOM drawings” with a “KMFDM twist to them”





Happy 33rd birthday to the babest babe who has ever babed. Rest in peace Eric. Hope the Harris family is coping well today. 


whAt .

no guys she’s right. this is so wrong, I can’t believe us. how could he be the “babiest babe who ever babed”. i’m so ashamed of “columbiners”. it’s obviously dylan.


Is this team Dyl vs. team Eric all over again?

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Eric was still a baby when he died. Eighteen is not a man. Eighteen is not an adult. Eighteen is a young scared kid who was supposed to go out into the world soon and become a man.

Rest in peace Eric. I hope you know you were loved and that you still are.

“It is difficult to understand Dylan Klebold. Although people were shocked that Eric Harris and Dylan perpetrated the Columbine attack, they were more shaken by Dylan’s participation. Eric was more arrogant, more belligerent, and more bloodthirsty. But Dylan? Dylan was often described as quiet, painfully shy, an peace-loving. How can a painfully shy, nonviolent child become a cold-blooded mass murderer?”
— Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters (via tell-me-what-to-swallow0)


pretty much all i have thought about all day is eric and how eric’s family are coping today